Devon duvets wool duvet medium weight review

Devon-Duvets-wool-duvet Not currently available
From £110 at John Lewis
Final Thoughts

Worth the investment for a great night’s sleep!

Overall Score 4.5
Cover quality
Fill quality
Ease of care
Reviewed by: Charlotte

This product is no longer available at John Lewis.  If you are looking for a good quality wool alternative, we would recommend John Lewis & Partners Natural Collection Devon Wool 600g Duvet available in 2 different weights (300g & 600g) and togs (5-7 tog and 8-10 tog). 


I am writing this duvet review based on a friend’s feedback as I couldn’t wait to share it.  My Devon Wool Duvet is on order and I can’t wait to try it.  You will generally find fewer wool duvets for sale, may be due to the price, but the benefits of this duvet far outweigh those of many synthetic and feather and down duvets on the market.  The key thing is the wool duvet is breathable and offers temperature regulating properties. My friend assured me that this really was the case with this duvet and she no longer needs a hot water bottle while her ‘cooler’ husband remains comfortable at night too.  It is also naturally dust mite resistant too which will be great for my husband when the duvet arrives as he is an allergy sufferer.  Lightweight, Cosy, Warm and offering the best night’s sleep, I’ve heard so many positive comments about this duvet, can it get any better?  Well, yes  actually, the 100 % cotton cover is nice and soft, the filling is evenly spread (no clumping) and this duvet can even be tied to the lightweight one to make an ultra warm Winter duvet.  It’s not cheap at £110 for a single but I think it’s going to be worth it and I feel will be durable and long lasting.

Devon Duvets are available from John Lewis and are a sustainable product,  handmade in Devon, using wool from pure breed flocks of Texel sheep. Their sheep are solely reared for their wool and are returned to pasture after shearing.  So a great ethical option and allow you to support a UK business.

The wool duvet comes in a light and medium weight version rather than different togs – the medium weight is recommended for Autumn / Winter and the lightweight for Spring / Summer.  

The only reason I haven’t awarded this duvet 5/5 are my concerns over washing it.  The label does say it is machine washable (at 40 degrees on a wool cycle), however I have heard that some customers have experienced some shrinking after washing.  Of course, once I have my own Devon Wool Duvet, I will update you and if it washes well, I will update to full marks for sure!

This duvet comes in Single, Double, King Size, Super King and Emperor sizes.

Not currently available