Elegear ‘Arc-Chill’ Cooling Blanket review

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Final Thoughts

Useful for summer nights, hot flushes and sweaty children!

Overall Score 4
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Reviewed by: Susie

If you’re looking for the solution to feeling hot in bed, this is a good buy.

I tried the ‘Elegear Cooling Blanket’ at the same time as the testing the ‘Cooling Pillowcases‘ they make – read review here.   Arriving at the start of a heatwave, I opened the blanket and pillowcases with anticipation.  My bedroom faces south and gets really hot by the evening, so any ‘cooling’ bedding sounded very welcome.

It was also a good opportunity to try out the manufacturers claims.  And the claims are big for a little blanket.  Available as single, double or king-size, it apparently keeps you cool, or warm depending on which side you use, is anti-allergy and helps you fall asleep quicker!

Sounds good but does it really do what it says?

The technology is there – I had to look up ‘Qmax’ – it’s a measure of how quickly heat transfers from the surface of material, so affects how you feel the heat when your skin is next to the fabric. These fibres have a qmax of 0.4 apparently and the average fabric has a level 0.2: the higher the value, the cooler the sensation when you’re wearing or sleeping on it.  It also works like your sportswear by wicking moisture away from your body.  If you suffer from night sweats, or hot flushes, this is particularly useful. Cotton, although breathable, can get a little bit damp if you are.

My blanket is an attractive mid-grey colour with a satin-type trimmed edge.  One side is brushed cotton if you need a little warmth, and the other is the Q-max ‘Japanese cooling fibre’ which does actually feel silky and cool to the touch. It’s very soft, and as a double-sided blanket it’s certainly much cosier and reassuring than just using a sheet or duvet cover on hot nights.

At around £30, it’s very reasonable for a nice blanket.  The pillowcases, which I loved more than the blanket to be honest, are a bit of a bargain: £16 for a pair, so £8 each.

I like my blanket.  My main reservation is how much use I’ll get out of it in the British climate, especially now we’re going into Autumn.  Designed to be used without another cover or duvet, it’s not quite enough on its own unless you’re a hot sleeper or it’s high summer.  Alternatively, to throw over yourself if you’re having hot flushes, or for a small child who also wears PJs and gets hot in bed – it’s excellent.

Go here for the pillowcases – they work,  are well made and gentle on your hair.

Elegear also do a ‘cooling duvet’ – it’s just out and sounds interesting!


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