Fine Bedding Company ‘Boutique Silk’ silk blend duvet review

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Final Thoughts

An extremely warm, good quality duvet but not the silk content I had in mind.

Overall Score 4
Cover quality
Fill quality
Ease of care
Reviewed by: Charlie

I thought ‘What a bargain, for a silk duvet’, but having looked further at the packaging and the details online, I am not sure whether I would call this a silk duvet.    It is warm, cosy and supersoft, so a great winter duvet but it only contains 10% silk – it feels very fluffy whereas silk duvets are usually flatter and heavier.   It does have a supersoft, well stitched 100% cotton cover and it’s a well made duvet. 

Investigating the filling further, what we have is silk blended with Smartfil fibres which is unique to the Fine Bedding Company and offers anti allergy properties, breathability and makes the duvet more snuggly.   Smartfil fibres are a blend of tiny, fine synthetic fibres coated in a unique diamond-tough silicone layer that is silky to touch.  They aid temperature regulation as they wick away humidity.  These properties compliment those of the Silk and also offer additional benefits of a snug rather than smooth feel; cheaper price than a silk duvet and machine washable which is normally not possible with a 100% silk duvet.  

This is a really lovely duvet and certainly more than adequate for the Winter months, just not the natural duvet I was expecting. It will teach me for not reading the label properly, this is definitely a silk blend.  If you are looking for a great quality, fluffy and cosy duvet then this could be the one for you though.  The added bonus is that unlike most ‘silk’ duvet’s, this one is machine washable too. 

Available in Single, Double, King and Super King sizes

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