Fogarty 3 Tog Cool Duvet review

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Final Thoughts

A great value solution to keep cool on hot nights without getting tangled up in a sheet.

Overall Score 4.5
Cover quality
Fill quality
Ease of care
Reviewed by: Susie

If you are looking for a cool duvet at a great price or want to bag a bargain for the summer, the Fogarty 3 tog duvet is currently available at 50% off – that’s only £18.50 for Superking size!

Whilst we’d normally recommend a 4.5 tog duvet as a perfect in the summer months, for those nights where it’s just too hot to get comfortable a 3 tog duvet is a handy little number to have under the bed.  Also useful if you suffer from night sweats but want something with a little weight over you – or for as a children’s duvet as wriggly kids can’t regulate their temperature as well as adults.

When the temperature rises it can be difficult to get to sleep. Even if I manage to doze off, quite often on warm summer nights I’ll wake up hot and sweaty and then spend the next few hours throwing the duvet off then pulling back on again.   I’m tempted sometimes to chuck the duvet out altogether and just sleep with a sheet or a duvet cover on.  But it’s just not quite enough.  I like the feeling of a little bit of weight over me – it’s comforting and makes me feel secure.

So, if you’re anything like me, then a 3 tog duvet is a sensible idea.   Fogarty’s duvet – rather cheesily named ‘cool duvet’ – is a good choice for a very light summer-weight duvet that is more substantial than a sheet.

It’s non-allergenic and washable – a good starting point.   Microfibre-filling does make you warmer than natural fillings such as wool, silk or feather, but it’s got a 100% cotton cover which helps keep moisture away from your skin as you sleep.  This cover looks a bit cheap but it’s soft, and feels nice next to your skin.  The edging finish is acceptable (never Fogarty’s biggest selling point TBH), but what I was impressed with was how much filling there was considering that it’s just 3 tog.  The duvet feels much fuller than a sheet or a duvet cover –  I felt surprisingly cosy in bed but I still kept cool.  And it didn’t get tangled up around me in the night which just a sheet always does.

My verdict is that this is a very good buy to have under the bed for hot nights.  Or for hot people – my little boy would probably be happy under this year round to be honest, especially with PJs on.

If you can afford wool, silk or down, then that’s going to be your perfect light-weight duvet.



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