Soak and Sleep Soft as Down All Seasons Duvet review

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Final Thoughts

An excellent duvet that will take you through the year.

Overall Score 5
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Reviewed by: Charlotte

Having read about Soak & Sleep’s accolade as one of Which? magazine’s top retailers of duvets and pillows, I was keen to try one of their duvets.  A complaint by my father that the duvet in our guest room wasn’t warm enough for the Winter (Close proximity to the airport makes us a convenient stop over!) and a great Black Friday deal meant I opted for the highly rated ‘Soft as Down King size All Seasons duvet’.  Soak & Sleep offer fantastic sales, however even at full price, the All Seasons option seems to me to be a ‘no brainer’. Not quite 2 for the price of 1 but not far off, you receive 2 duvets, and you can choose the tog combination – either a 3 or  4.5 tog (summer) and another 9 tog, 10.5 tog or 13.5 tog (Spring / Autumn) which can be put together to give a  medium weight (7.5 tog) or 15 or even 18 tog cosy, winter duvet and offers great value for money.  This is an extremely well made, good quality synthetic duvet. The duvet is evenly filled and the well stitched peachskin cover is so silky and soft, it feels far more luxurious than the price suggests. It is also machine washable, although I can’t fit a king size duvet in my machine, so I will be taking it to the dry cleaners.

As we first used the duvet in December, I combined the 2 duvets for the 13.5 tog extra warm and cosy option. I noticed on the website, reference is made to buttonhole fastenings to attach the 2 duvets together, however ours came with poppers which even in King size meant they were easy to clip together.  Not surprisingly after 2 nights, I was informed that my guest was too hot and so I had to decant the duvet and replaced it with the 9 tog only. This was perfect! I am sure the 4.5 tog will come back out of the wardrobe before long though. Thank goodness, I went for this multi season duvet….

The only negatives, which certainly would not prevent me from buying this duvet again, are that when using both duvets together, it is a 2 man job getting it into the duvet cover and also my initial order was sent out incorrectly.  The customer service team were very apologetic and helpful in ensuring the wrong duvet was collected and the correct one delivered in a short timeframe but I did need to be home for 3 courier visits.

I would definitely recommend this duvet – it is great value for money!

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