The Simba Microfibre Duvet review

Simba-Microfibre-duvet Not currently available
£85 at Simba Sleep
Final Thoughts

Light yet cosy and I’m hoping it will last a very long time.

Overall Score 4.5
Cover quality
Fill quality
Ease of care
Reviewed by: Charlotte

This duvet is sadly no longer available.  Simba continue to offer their award winning Hybrid duvet though, see our review here for further details.  

Spring has arrived and it’s time to think about a lighter weight duvet.  What better option than The Simba microfibre Duvet.  Given the changeable temperatures at this time of the year, it can be difficult to stay comfortable at night and this lightweight, 10.5 tog all seasons duvet seems to be able to do the job.  When the box arrived I was surprised, as it was much smaller than other synthetic duvets I have reviewed of similar warmth. When unpacked though, I found a  soft and cosy, high quality duvet.

What makes this microfibre duvet stand out, is the weight (given it is all seasons) and the quality.  It is thin and rolls up nice and small, so perfect for storing away or even taking camping.  The 300 thread count cotton cover casing is soft and well stitched with large pockets so the filling is evenly spread and leaves no empty patches.  Around the outside it has the Simba trademark grey piping and blue tag.

One of the reasons microfibre duvets are so popular are that they are  hypo-allergenic. This duvet also has the added benefits of a breathable cotton cover and being machine washable,  making it an excellent option for those prone to allergies. The instructions also say it can be dried in the tumble dryer on a low setting, so it could be useful for those quick bedding changes for children or in guest rooms.  I also think it may be worth a try if you usually prefer sheets to duvets but need something a bit warmer as it is soft and light and doesn’t have the bulky feel of many duvets.

As you have probably noticed, I really like this duvet, I would definitely recommend it if you have the budget.  At £85 for a single duvet it is not cheap, however Simba offer some great deals, particularly if you are also looking for a mattress or a pillow at the same time.

Not currently available