Keeping your bedding virus free


In these worrying times, we are all too aware of the importance of personal hygiene and washing our hands.  With the outbreak of COVID-19 expected to reach it’s peak in the UK in the coming weeks, we thought it useful to remind people of the importance of regularly washing your bedding especially after someone has been unwell.  Wikihow provide a useful up-to-date guide  How to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus COVID-19 (2020)   which states that clothing, bedding, and towels can all hold coronavirus, so it’s important to wash them thoroughly.   We appreciate that duvets can require high capacity washing machines or dry cleaning in some instances but there are many single machine washable duvets on the market especially those made from synthetic materials.  If you are unable to wash your duvet due to it’s size, do not panic!  You can continue to wash your duvet covers at high temperatures and where possible use pillow protectors  and mattress protectors which are easier to clean.  Before you pop anything in the washing machine, always check the label and if the item allows, wash it at the highest possible temperature, even using some bleach if possible.  Please note regular bleach should not be used on certain items as it could ruin them.

If someone in your household is unwell, it is best for them to sleep in a separate bedroom and use a separate bathroom if this is possible.  Wear gloves when caring for them, keep rooms well ventilated and don’t share household items with the sick, this includes cups, cutlery, towels and bedding.  A temperature regulating duvet can make those in ill health slightly more comfortable and so we particularly advise duvets made from natural fibres as these offer such properties, for example, cotton covers and down, wool and silk duvets.  It may sound obvious but just to confirm anti-allergy bedding offers no protection to any virus!

For further information, please refer to our article ‘Caring for your duvet‘.  Stay well!