About Winter tog duvets

Winter duvets are the warmest duvets available.  Togs ranging 13.5 to 15 tog are widely sold.

House in winter


Wonderfully cosy on chilly winter nights, you’re unlikely to need more than a 13.5 tog duvets to be honest unless your bedroom is particularly cold, or you are elderly and feel the cold more.    


Regardless of whether its winter or not, children, or those who get hot in bed probably won’t ever need a 13.5 tog duvets, especially if your house is well heated or insulated.  Go for a 7.5 tog duvet or lower even in winter months if you’re in that category.


We’ve summarised the main warmer duvets below in terms of TOG ratings, but think about fillings too – this is an important choice when looking for a warmer duvet and spending more money.

12 tog duvets

Less popular, but would probably be suited to you if you have a warmer house or get hot in bed but still want a cosy duvet in the winter months.

13.5 tog duvets

These are the most common and popular warm, winter duvets.  We’d recommend this rating, so look at our 13.5 tog reviews if you want a serious snuggle factor without actually cooking yourself.

15 tog duvets

Ok, now you are talking seriously super warm duvets – 15.0 tog is really as warm as it is going to get. Far too warm if you like to keep the heating on, but if you enjoy cool fr

esh air from an open window even in the depths of winter, then this is the TOG for you! Just beware the shock of the cold if you ever manage to wriggle out in the morning.


Duvet fillings are really important.

Bear in mind the filling type – synthetic / polyester winter duvets can get very warm and are often a little bulky as you need more fill to get more warmth.  Natural fillings are best in our opinion at this tog level as they’re also breathable and help regulate your body temperature as well as keeping you toasty. Down will be lighter than feather at this weight and the better quality down, the warmer it will keep you for the same amount of fill:  a down / feather mix is often a good compromise if your budget can’t stretch to pure down.   More information on our About Down and About Feather pages.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly or anti-allergy option, wool duvets are excellent at keeping you warm too.  Wool wicks away moisture so you won’t get sweaty and is naturally very effective at insulating – think about all those sheep on wintry British hillsides.  See About Wool Duvets for more information.

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