The Simba Hybrid Duvet review

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Final Thoughts

A luxurious, temperature regulating duvet for those with a good budget

Overall Score 4.5
Cover quality
Fill quality
Ease of care
Reviewed by: Mark

If you are keen to try something a bit different, this may be the duvet for you.  The Simba Hybrid Duvet is a duvet of 2 sides, one side is filled with soft, warm and luxurious duck down (90% down, 10% feather) and the other is made with space age OUTLAST® technology which helps regulate your body temperature. I must admit I am always a bit sceptical of scientific ‘claims’  especially as it isn’t the cheapest duvet on the market and it seemed a bit thin on first getting it out.  However,  it is a very well made, lightweight duvet with one side being lovely and soft and it packs up nice and small.  It is also neatly stitched with a box border with double piping, which helps you see which side of your duvet features OUTLAST® (the blue side). The duvet also has pockets to ensure the filling is well spread and there are no cold patches.

The Simba Hybrid duvet arrived on our fourteenth sleepless night, as our 12 year old son has recently developed night terrors.  Upset and tired he asked if he could try this new duvet.  I think he especially liked the fact that it was made with space-certified technology.  So we agreed and he went to bed happy saying that he was comfy and warm.  It may be a coincidence but that night he didn’t wake up once!!  Nor did he notice the initial ‘manufacturing-type smell that hit me when I took it out of the packaging – I guess the duvet cover masked this .  Remembering the 2 Years of broken sleep we had when he was a baby, £195 now seems a bargain!   He said he didn’t sweat nor was he cold, just cosy.  Unfortunately, we have had a few woken nights since but everyone else in the house now wants to try this duvet, especially the cat, who I find sleeping on it daily.   As it’s such a light duvet, it is also so much easier to give it a shake in the morning and make the top bunk bed.   I am yet to ask Simba but I wonder if you need the OUTLAST® side down to regulate your body temperature, as the duck down filled side of the duvet should provide extra warmth?

If you haven’t come across OUTLAST® before, it was  originally developed for NASA to protect astronauts from temperature fluctuations in space.  It’s key benefit when used in bedding is that it has a higher capacity to store heat than other materials. So,  if the temperature drops during the night, OUTLAST® releases stored heat to warm you up and keep you asleep.

This is a luxury buy, it is certainly not cheap but does offer some great benefits and is good value if you usually struggle to sleep well.   I would recommend this duvet for anyone but  have been reliably informed that ‘ladies of a certain age’ have particularly liked it and it could also be a good alternative to a ‘partner duvet’  as whether you are suffering from night sweats or always feel the cold, this duvet could keep you comfortable.

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