How to find the right size duvet

If you’re not sure what size duvet to get, we’re here to help.  

Fortunately duvets tend to come in fairly standard sizes. Give or take a few centimetres, the following is a good guide to work to:

Chart explaining duvet sizes and measurements

So the first thing to do is to find out what size bed you have or, failing that, measure the dimensions.


More duvet = less fights! 

You want the duvet to adequately cover the bed and, if you share the bed with someone else, allow for the fact that you may be wrestling over the duvet at night.

It’s personal choice but my partner and I like a lot of duvet so we use a Super King duvet on a King Size bed, or try a King Size duvet on a double bed.   But don’t put an oversized duvet on toddlers’ or children’s beds – it can make them too warm or tangled up.


Most of the duvets we’ve reviewed come in different sizes.  So find the duvet you like best and check the sizes available. 


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