About Summer & lightweight duvets

Most manufacturers call lightweight duvets between 2.5 tog and a 7 tog duvet a ‘‘ summer duvet ’.


These are most frequently 4.5 tog, and are ideal for summer months.   We feel that most people need a little bit more weight than just a sheet on  them in the summer, but still get too hot for a standard duvet.  These lightweight duvets are a good choice for warm evenings and nights but still can be cosy.

Hot summer months require lightweight bedding

During the warm summer months, you’ll need a lightweight duvet.


What filling for a summer duvet? 

There are a wide range of fillings available for 4.5 tog duvets.  Down duvets will be incredibly light, as the natural filling insulates so well even without using much volume – see our ‘About Down Duvets’ page to explain.   Generally good quality synthetic fillings are ideally suited. They aren’t as warm as down, so can still give you that “snuggle” feeling whilst still being a cool duvet. .  



However, if you’re choosing a 4.5 tog duvet because you often get hot in bed or suffer from night sweats, then a natural filling, such as down or silk is always better and should keep you cooler.   Synthetic fillings (polyester, microfibre or hollowfibre), or synthetic covers will make you sweat more.  So choose a duvet made with a 100% cotton cover and put a cotton duvet cover on it, keeping you cool and allowing heat to escape through the ‘breathable’ cotton.


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