About all seasons duvets

Image of four seasons for all season duvetWhat tog duvet is right for different months? Everyone sleeps best at slightly different temperatures, but it is likely that you will sleep better under a lighter duvet during summer, and a thicker duvet during winter.    

Job done with an ‘ all seasons duvet ’. 

Actually 3 duvets in one – this is a combination duvet, formed of two duvets which attach together.   There will be a lightweight summer duvet, often around 4.5 tog, and then a medium weight duvet, perhaps 9.0 tog, which can then be combined like a really bad power ranger, into a single 13.5 tog winter duvet.

If you’re buying duvets for a new house, or for a student for example – the all seasons duvet is the best choice in our opinion.  For me, with one teenager who feels the cold, and one teenager who gets hot in bed – everyone’s happy from just one duvet purchase!   


Different fillings = different bulk and weight

All Seasons duvet with popper

Two separate duvets are attached together with a button or popper to form an ‘all seasons duvet’.

Check you know what filling you want, a synthetic duvet will be very full and chunky when

popped together, down duvets are much lighter but still very warm in winter, and feather duvets are somewhere in between – not as bulky as polyester but heavier than down.  Read our ‘About fillings’ page for further details.

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