The White Company Super-Soft Ultra Wash Duvet review

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Final Thoughts

Fantastic. Available in 4.5, 7.5 and 10.5 togs. I've now bought three!

Overall Score 5
Cover quality
Fill quality
Ease of care
Reviewed by: Susannah

This is a great choice duvet from a top notch retailer.   It feels incredibly soft, and very, very light.   I’m always a bit dubious about marketing but this duvet really does live up to its claim – it is ‘super soft’.  Despite its lightness it still packs a punch with warmth – the 7.5 tog is on my daughter’s bed and she says it feels like sleeping in warm marshmallows.  Apparently, that’s a good thing 😉  

Is it also ‘ultra-washable’?  

This test meant ripping it off my teenager and giving her an alternative synthetic duvet whilst it was being washed – she wasn’t happy with the replacement.   I promised to wash it quickly and hoped the silky-soft feel wasn’t lost.

Washing at 60 degrees means you kill dust mites. So I tried it at 60 degrees, plus a cool tumble-dry as per the label, and so far so good – still very soft and very light.  A little less fluffy but I’d say definitely washable.   This is a massive plus over a lot of other synthetic duvets which aren’t have  to be washed at a cooler temperature and can’t then kill all the dust mites and can’t keep allergies at bay.

I spent twice as much on a ‘feels like down’ duvet for the guest bed recently, but I wish I’d bought this one.  There’s no rustling, and its cloud-like filling feels more like down than any other polyester duvet I’ve tried.

If it had a cotton cover, it would be my all-time favourite synthetic duvet; it doesn’t but in fairness the checked cover feels like cotton,  and for the price from The White Company, it has to be 5 star.

Sizes available –  Single, Double, King and Super-King sizes

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