Silk filled duvets

Silk duvets are a seriously good option if you can afford it.

luxury long-lasting silk bedding

Silk bedding: eats a hole in your wallet but duvets are luxurious and long-lasting

Not many people think of buying a silk filled duvet though, maybe because they tend to be a bit more expensive than other natural-filled duvets, such as wool or feather / down.

But if you’re looking for bedding which is the right temperature year-round, is anti-allergy and feels amazing, silk could well be the answer. If you can afford to splash out and are considering a good down duvet, you might want to compare the benefits of a silk duvet before making your decision.

Silk is a naturally luxuriant material with many qualities that make it ideal for filling a duvet.

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Mulberry silk luxury silk duvets

The silk produced by mulberry silk moths






Silk Benefits:

+    Naturally hypoallergenic, silk is perfect if you suffer from any allergies.
+    Dust-mite resistant – the critters just don’t like silk
+    Silk is light with very good insulating properties meaning it is both warm and lightweight.
+    Feels beautiful to touch and is a little bit of luxury for your bedroom.
+    Drapes well over the bed and is not bulky
+    Long-lasting, so if cleaned professionally will last you for years and is a good investment.

+    Basically, perfect for those who want a bit of indulgent pampering and may get hot at night.

Silk Negatives:

–    Too expensive if you’re on a budget
–    Less easy to clean if you’re likely to want to wash your duvet frequently.  Some can be washed at home, however  – read our review of  Soak and Sleep’s Luxury Pure Silk Duvet for example.

  Silk moths feed on the leaves of mulberry trees.

Mulberry tree silk

Silk moths feed on the leaves of mulberry trees.

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