John Lewis Soft Touch Washable Cotbed Duvet & Junior Pillow review

John Lewis Soft Touch Washable Cotbed Duvet & Junior Pillow Bundle review Buy it here
£28 at John Lewis
Final Thoughts

A great buy - a lovely, machine washable toddler duvet and pillow

Overall Score 4.5
Cover quality
Fill quality
Ease of care
Reviewed by: Charlotte

We loved the adult version of the John Lewis Soft Touch Washable duvet and are thrilled to see John Lewis now also have a soft touch washable toddler duvet too.  We tested the cotbed duvet, but there’s also a smaller cot duvet and a larger junior bed duvet in the same range.


This children’s duvet and pillow set is a great option for a young child who has just moved in to their cot bed / toddler bed.  It is, as the name suggests lovely and soft and washes well in the machine.  In fact, it’s rare to find a duvet that happily washes in 60 degrees, but this one is great. So if your child suffers from allergies, or has the occasional accident (as they all do) it’s extremely reassuring to know that you’re getting rid of bugs and allergens whenever you wash it.  It is also lightweight and only 4 tog so the duvet will keep your child cosy but not too warm.


It is important to note that duvets should not be used for children under the age of 12 months due to the risk of over heating and suffocation.  Even when my children were toddlers, I still tried to ensure that their rooms were not too hot and they had light duvets just to be safe.  Both the duvet and pillow are made of polyester and the duvet measures 120 x 150cm.


Of course, this will only be needed for a year or 2 until your child moves in to their ‘big bed’ but at £28 for a good pillow and duvet, we think this will last for the cot bed phase and be a good investment.  This kids duvet and pillow also come with a generous 2 year guarantee.  For chillier times, this set is also available in 7 tog for only £31.  We highly recommend you give this a try!

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