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Give your Mum a good rest this Mother’s Day!

It’s Mothers day and what Mum wouldn’t appreciate a good rest ?! So take a look at some of the best gifts to help her relax and have a good night’s sleep.

Spring Bedding Sales

The best Spring bedding sales in the UK.

World Sleep Day – Regular Sleep, Healthy Future

We explore what this year’s World Sleep Day theme means in terms of sleep advice. How do our bedding & sleep habits contribute to our physical & mental wellbeing?

Winter Bedding for Kids – what should you consider?

It’s freezing cold outside and as we struggle to warm the house up inside, many of us are investing in winter bedding.  The options are plentiful with duvets of different togs and made of different […]

Valentine’s Day – The perfect duvet & pillow gifts for your partner

Some of the best Valentine’s gifts for your partner make the bedroom romantic & sleep comfortable. We list our reviewers’ favourite indulgent bedtime presents.

Trending in 2021… teddy bedding

Soft, cosy and warm, teddy fleece is a great material for snuggly down on these cold nights. But is it for everyone?

New Year Sales – The best duvets reduced to half price

We’ve found the best duvet offers & half price reductions on a wide range of bedding. We sum up which retailers have the biggest discounts & what to look for.

Keeping your bedding virus free

In these worrying times, we are all too aware of the importance of personal hygiene and washing our hands.  With the outbreak of COVID-19 expected to reach it’s peak in the UK in the coming […]

The Best Christmas Bedtime Gift Ideas

Stuck for presents this Xmas? Fear not, we bring glad tidings of bedtime gifts – the best duvets & beautiful bedding for silent nights & deep sleep this winter

Black Friday Sales – Best Duvet Deals

Black Friday weekend is 25th November 2022. The best sales of the year and retailers are discounting duvets, pillows and bedding. We will update this page throughout this week, to show you the best bedding offers in the UK.

Are you Sleep deprived? Want to know how you can sleep better?

For over a decade, The Advisor People have been providing advice and reviews about the best duvets and pillows available in the UK.  During this time we have developed detailed knowledge of the benefits good […]

Re-use and Recycle – Environmentally Friendly Bedding

Are you in need of a refresh of your pillows and duvets?  It is a great time to pick up bedding at discounted prices but have you considered buying recycled ones? Duvets and pillows made […]

The 5 Best Cool Duvets for Summer

A much asked question from friends and readers:  What’s the best lightweight duvet to keep me cool at night? A friend was complaining yesterday about how, even now the weather is cooler than the 37 […]

World Sleep Day – How To Help Your Child Sleep Better

19th March is World Sleep Day 2021 – We can’t guarantee that you’ll get a perfect night’s sleep but we can offer you helpful tips on sleep hygiene plus the best bedding advice. This will certainly help your little one to get a good night’s sleep, and give you a little rest in the evenings.  

Black Friday Duvet Deals!

  Whoops!  You’ve come through to an old ‘Black Friday’ post.  For the latest best pillow deals and discounts go to our current Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales post.    BLACK FRIDAY IS ALMOST […]

Mid Season Sales are now on!

It’s a great time to be stocking up on bedding, as there are many bargains to be had!  Most retailers are now holding mid season sales and here are a selection of duvet deals, we […]

It’s hayfever season! Advice on allergies and duvets

The sun is finally out and Britain’s looking glorious.  Green grass, trees in leaf and flowers blooming like they’ve just come out of lockdown.  What’s not to like?  Well, just one word… Pollen.  We’re all […]

How to cope with Springtime Sleep Deprivation

With the clocks going forward by one hour on Sunday 31st March – this weekend – how does this little bit of sleep loss actually affect our bodies and minds?   We’ve written an article […]

Trending now : Coverless Duvets

The team at Duvet Advisor have noticed recently that many of the High Street Retailers are starting to sell coloured or patterned duvets.  They certainly brighten up our Duvet review pages but they are also […]

5 things to do before sleeping

    At DuvetAdvisor,  we’re not tied to any particular retailer and aim to provide the best independent advice and unbiased reviews.     However, we thought you should know though that Simba Sleep are […]

We’ve looked at sleep for humans – Now on to Dog Beds!

You might have guessed by now, but the Advisor team are seriously obsessed with sleep.   No longer happy with two sites getting people’s sleep sorted – Duvet Advisor and Pillow Advisor – we’ve now decided to spread our expertise […]

Argos recall of 4 tog Washable Cotbed duvet

We’ve been told that Argos have issued a recall notice for the Argos Washable 4.0 Tog Duvet Cotbed on the Trading Standards website.  Concerns have been expressed over the level of insulation provided by this duvet […]

Looking for Christmas gift ideas? Why not give the gift of sleep with these lovely presents for bedtime.

Are you looking for ideas for Christmas presents? Take a look at our great gifting ideas to help all the family keep cosy, warm and well-rested this Christmas.

The Best Black Friday / Cyber Monday Duvet sales – they’re still on!

  Whoops!  You’ve come through to an old ‘Black Friday’ post.  For the latest best pillow deals and discounts go to our current Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales post.    There are a lot […]

Chemicals in duvets – help and advice

We recently had a really good question emailed to us by a reader who wanted to know about chemicals used in the manufacture of pillows and duvets – thanks Evonne. I’ve posted our reply to […]

Freshen up your duvet for Autumn

4 easy ways to banish summer sweats and make your bed autumn-fresh. This summer’s been hot. And my bed has seen its share of steam.  No, after 20 years of marriage, I’m not talking ‘Fifty […]

Best Duvet Bargain this August? An M&S all seasons duvet from £26

To save you time, we’ve found what we think is the absolutely best duvet bargain this bank holiday sales.   It’s from Marks and Sparks – an all seasons duvet on sale for £26 (single), £34 […]

Best summer sale?  And the winner is… The White Company! 

With 3 of our all-time favourite duvets currently at 20% – 30% off, this sale is too good to miss.  The White Company is famous for quality and does some extraordinarily nice bedding.  Only problem […]

The Royal Bedding – Go British in the bedroom

 My flags are out, the Pimms is chilled and my TV is set for Harry and Meghan’s special day.  Forget wondering what her dress will be like though, turn your thoughts to the royal bedchamber.   […]

In search of the UK’s best duvets

Real opinions, honest advice and unbiased reviews. We offer our thoughts on the best duvets from all sorts of retailers.    10 years ago two guys set out on a search for the best bedding.  […]

Spring is here!  Duvet advice for warmer nights

I’ve been so used to being cold these past months, snuggled up under my big 12 tog winter duvet but now I can hardly believe I’m sitting here with the sun streaming through my window.  […]

# WORLD SLEEP DAY – Is there a better day for a duvet day?

World Sleep Day is the number one topic trending on twitter today but what is it?   Well , it has been set up as an annual event organised by the World Sleep Society with […]

Anyone for tennis? Does adding tennis balls to your dryer serve up an ace or double fault?

We are a tennis loving household and I am forever tripping over tennis balls that my kids or dogs have left lying around.  What I’ve never considered, until now, is the possibility of using some […]

Caring for your duvet

Whilst most duvet covers are cotton, the filling can be made out of a variety of very different products including feathers silk, hollowfibre and down. Consequently, just as is the case with clothes, there is […]

Origin of duvets – a little bit of background

Duvets were first sold in the 1960’s but their history goes back further than that. The history of duvets The word “duvet” comes originally from the French word meaning down. Duvets began originally in rural […]

Know your quilts from your comforters?

The words we use to describe our bedding have changed across time and between countries.  But what do they actually mean, and where do the words come from in the first place?   It’s a […]

Some Like It Hot – His and Hers Duvets

Fighting over the duvet is now battle that both sides can win. When two people get together they do not automatically become entwined as one, sharing the same tastes and interests. I like a Marmite […]