Best summer sale?  And the winner is… The White Company! 

The White Company Summer Sale

With 3 of our all-time favourite duvets currently at 20% – 30% off, this sale is too good to miss. 

The White Company is famous for quality and does some extraordinarily nice bedding.  Only problem is that it often comes with a fairly hefty price tag.  But not at the moment as there are some fantastic duvet offers and bedding bargains in their summer sale.

Our top duvet of all time is reduced by 20%:  The Super-soft ultra wash duvet –  our reviewer gave this 5 stars for its lightness, warmth and washability.     You can pick up the other duvet we thought was brilliant value, their Goose feather and down duvet  – which is now on from £40 – this one got a 4.5* in our review.   They also do 4 tog duvets  –  perfect for summer.

If you feel like splashing out on down duvets, there’s 30% off on some serious Siberian or Canadian luxury.  And they’ve got 4 of our all-time favourite pillows on offer too – read the reviews here.

Time for me to shut up?  Ok, will do.  Just check it out as it’s very, very tempting….    The White Company Summer Sale