7 tog – 9 tog Duvets

About mid-weight duvets

Woman in bed under a mid-weight duvet

7 tog duvets, 7.5 tog duvets and 9 tog duvets are often known as ‘spring duvets’ or ‘autumn duvets’.  These are mid-weight duvets which are actually very useful all year now we have centrally heated homes.  They are particularly good for children or people who get hot at night.

You may well need a higher tog duvet too for the cold winter months, and will certainly find a 9 tog duvet too hot on a summer night.  A 10.5 tog is a useful winter duvet tog rating; similarly it’s good to have a 4.5 tog summer duvet too for the warmest days.   

Year round for those who get warm in bed

If you tend to get too warm at night or suffer from night sweats then these mid-weight duvets are a wise choice year-round.  Just make sure you choose natural fillings for your bedding, such as down, feather, silk or wool, always with a 100% cotton cover to avoid that oh-so-lovely ‘polyester perspiration’.



Great choice for toddlers and children

7 tog, or 7.5 tog duvets can also be a good option for children.  As kids can’t regulate their body temperatures as well as adults can, avoid 10.5 tog duvets and above for little ones – see our About Toddler Duvets page.   If your house is nice and warm, and your child is prone to move around a lot at night, you might even think about using a lightweight 4.5 tog duvet. This would ensure they don’t overheat and become uncomfortable – you can always put a blanket on top or use those pyjamas Granny bought at Christmas.

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