Re-use and Recycle – Environmentally Friendly Bedding

Reduce_Reuse_Recycle bedding

Are you in need of a refresh of your pillows and duvets?  It is a great time to pick up bedding at discounted prices but have you considered buying recycled ones?

Duvets and pillows made from recycled materials can help reduce the amount of plastic on our planet as well as reducing the resources  required during manufacture.  Many of us are becoming more aware of environmental issues and are keen to become more ‘green’ but does the thought of sleeping on or under previously owned materials feel like a step too far?  We have done some research in to the growing market of recycled bedding and we have found that there is little need to be wary of these products.  Manufacturers are increasingly re-using pillow and duvet fillings to make new products.  Soak & Sleep is one UK online company that we have been impressed with, who offer a good range of hollowfibre and down and feather duvets and pillows.  Well made, soft and comfortable, I have been very happy with my duvet and pillow from their Re:Down, recycled down and feather, product range. Made from vigorously cleaned down and feathers they feel as good as any non-recycled product (of a similar filling composition), if not better!

The Fine Bedding Company Eco Duvet is a good quality 10.5 tog Winter duvet.  Warm and cosy, it has received excellent reviews.  Another hollowfibre option it is made from 100% recycled materials with it’s filling coming from recycled PET bottles. At £65 for a double from Amazon, it is good value too.

Silentnight, the well known bedding supplier have also entered this marketplace with their Eco Comfort range. The Silentnight Eco Comfort Pillow and the Eco Comfort duvet are hollow fibre alternatives currently available on Amazon for £29.67  and £41.99 respectively.  They are filled with eco comfort fibres made from 100% recyclable plastic bottles – about 17 for the pillow and 32 for a duvet, they say! A comfy and soft pillow with good bounce-back ability which is recommended for front and back sleepers and extra cosy duvets in good Winter warmths of 10 tog and 13.5 tog.   They are hypo-allergenic and machine washable so good options for children. 

So you have your duvet and pillow, next to the covers. The National Geographic’s ‘Save Our Ocean’ reversible duvet cover and pillow case is our choice for kids and teenagers.  Also made from recycled plastic bottles, they are a great for animal lovers (covered with turtles and dolphins) but also as a reminder to our children of the dangers of plastics to our wildlife. 

There are so many fantastic products out there made from recycled materials, it really is becoming easier and easier to make eco friendly buys.  Next on my list will be the Project Blu Recycled Fabric Dog Bed at Amazon; there’s a whole range for different sized pets and they look fab!

 New bedding sorted, don’t forget to recycle your old bedding rather than sending them to landfill.  Just like clothing, there is always a need for your sheets, pillows, duvets and their covers.  Good quality blankets, duvet covers and sheets will often be gratefully received by charity shops.  Unfortunately, they may not be so keen on previously used pillows and duvets, however they will be welcomed by homeless shelters or animal rescues. Creative types or colleges with textile courses can make use of the fillings from duvets and pillows to stuff cushions.  It may take a bit more time to find a home for your old bedding but it’s well worth it!