Luxury New Zealand Wool Duvet Review

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Final Thoughts

A high quality, natural, temperature regulating duvet with a 5 year guarantee. Made to last.

Overall Score 4.5
Cover quality
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Reviewed by: Charlotte

Here at Duvet Advisor we talk a lot about the benefits of natural fillings for duvets and the importance of temperature regulation for a good night’s sleep.  Think sheep, think hillsides, sun, wind, rain and snow… you get the idea.  Nature has spent just a few million years figuring out what works best to keep creatures warm, and cool and that’s why we had to review this duvet to see if it was as effective for us.

The Luxury New Zealand Wool duvet from Soak & Sleep is made from soft Mitchell wool with a 100% cotton cover and feels like a good quality product.  I was quite relieved to see and feel that the duvet is thinner than I expected but this did not mean I got cold at night.  As I had hoped I felt very comfortable, not too hot or too cold – in fact I’ve been having a really good night’s sleep since I’ve been using it.  Being naturally hypo-allergenic, this is a really good choice for allergy sufferers and even better that it is machine washable (at a low temperature).  It is a great sustainable bedding option at a competitive price for this type of duvet.

A wool duvet tends to be heavier than a synthetic or down duvet  and so if you are not use to them, this wool duvet may take a  bit of getting used to but stick with it, it’s worth it!  It’s quite flat, certainly not a cosy, lofty type of duvet.  We do highly recommend this New Zealand Wool duvet from Soak and Sleep, as it isn’t too heavy, it is superb quality and will keep you cool.  A good price as well with 20% off at time of reviewing!

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