The Nanu Hot & Not Duvet review

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Final Thoughts

Impressively reasonable for a custom-made duvet. A fantastic sleep solution for many couples.

Overall Score 5
Cover quality
Fill quality
Ease of care
Reviewed by: Susannah

There’s been a lot of innovation in duvets within the last few years.  Just when we thought things might be slowing down, Nanu have come up with a brilliant sleep solution for many couples.

So what do you do if you’re cold in bed and your partner is too hot? 

Pile a whole load of blankets on top? They’re heavy and slide off.  Wear pyjamas & bed socks to bed, whilst he’s just in his boxers?  Not ideal.    The Hot&Not Duvet solves that problem by allowing each partner to choose their own warmth level.  Yes!

Ordering the duvet feels good. The Nanu website is impressively clear – amazingly, you get to select which tog you want on which side of the duvet.  As long as they’re one level apart, you can go for any combination to create your own custom-made duvet.  Don’t worry about which side is which – just turn the duvet over to get the right warmth level for each partner.


Nanu duvet different warmth levelsSplit-weight duvet combinations:

* toasty 13.5 tog side + a cosy 10.5 tog side

* cosy 10.5 tog + chilled 7.5 tog

* chilled 7.5 tog + extra cool 4.5 tog






I’m fussy about how my duvet is finished so I inspected the seams & stitching.  Glad to say that the Hot&Not duvet passed on all counts with printing down the tightly stitched seams and a little label on each side of the duvet saying ‘warmer’ and ‘cooler’  so you know which tog is on which side.  TBH it’s not really needed as on mine the stitching was different on the two sides and there are wider pockets for the filling on the higher tog side. With no zip or poppers, it’s a super-soft duvet given the two different sides.

An eco-friendly duvet? 

The duvet feels good – it’s a polyester / microfibre filling and cover but doesn’t feel synthetic.  Nanu claims it is ‘eco-friendly’ as they use a ‘super soft and allergen free recycled filling and all packaging uses recycled materials.’   And yes, it arrives packaged in its own fabric stuff sack – useful for storage if you ever want to put it away.  A good start.  This could be a great environmentally friendly duvet if Nanu also got rid of the plastic bag around the duvet’s fabric bag, it’s not needed.   Less plastic please!

How did we sleep?

It’s a keeper.  The duvet was lightweight and under the 10.5 tog side, I was indeed ‘cosy’.  My partner, under the 7.5 tog duvet was a bit too ‘chilled’ and he ended up pulling an extra blanket over him.  I can’t blame the duvet though as it was only 6 degrees outside and I forgot I’d left a window open!   I was happy anyway 😉

For this time of year I’d go for the ‘toasty’/ ‘cosy’ combo but for the rest of the year the ‘chilled’ 7.5 tog duvet can be a good weight.  If you’re just steaming in bed, the extra cool duvet weight at 4.5 tog is a fantastic solution for many couples – especially if you or your partner suffer from hot flushes then it’s a godsend for the menopause years.  Cool duvets help symptoms but if your other half is permanently shivering, this duvet is a marriage saver!

Is it value for money? 

From just £50 for a cooler double duvet & from £55 for kingsize duvet  – it’s a LOT cheaper than I was expecting.  With a 2 year guarantee on top,  this is the best duvet I’ve reviewed all year and it’s going to be hard to beat.


A bespoke pillow too?

If you like the idea of custom-making your bedding, look at the Nanu Pillow  reviewed on our sister site:   They create the perfect pillow for you based on your sleeping position, height, weight and softness preference – new and very useful.

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